STAR RANGER - IOS Game - Demo for web player

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Control Instructions:

1. Click mouse middle button to change your follow target. Click a enemy in screen also can lock it.

2. You have 3 weapons. Click with mouse left button to select a weapon and click the fire botton to shoot. The 3rd weapon has two luanch modes (Single Mode & Multi Mode). You can click to change the mode.

3. When you are lock by enemies click "Maneuver" to lose it and turn to lock it.

4. When enemies have luanch missiles to you click "Flare" to escape.



1. 点击鼠标中键来切换追踪对象, 或者直接用左键点击屏幕中的敌人也可以选中它作为追踪对象.

2. 您有三种武器可以切换, 用鼠标左键点击来选择武器, 点击"fire"按钮就可以发射武器. 第三种导弹有两种发射模式(Single Mode & Multi Mode).你可以直接点击来切换模式。

3. 当你被敌人锁定时会显示"locked alert",看准时机点击"Maneuver" 可以做一个大回旋甩掉敌人并且反过来锁定他。

4. 当敌人向你发射导弹后,你可以点击"Flare" 发射热导武器来引开敌人的导弹。