My second iphone game is in process.
After finishing the development of my first game RockGerm I had a long time thinking about the game design of iPhone games. I discussed with friends and collected infomations about player’s feedbacks. And I had also played many top iphone games to learn their experiences and advantages. After these research I started to plan my second game. I believe that I can get more experiences in the prograss of development.
My second game has been in development for almost 10 months.(I just do these after work ) Before that I had made 2 demos. At the beginning I had thought many different schemes and most of them have new gameplay. And I spent much time making demos to test if These gameplay are really interesting. I had modified and modulated the control, the game logic and other effects many many times and I fond it is really a hard work to create a nice new gameplay in a short time. And I didn’t have much experiences at that time. So I stoped challenge new gameplay and planed to use a mature gameplay and make some improve of it. I choose action game.
The main gameplay is hunting monsters, collecting resource, getting powerful weapons, upgrading them, and using them fight with stronger monsters. I also made special design in some details. You can control 2 characters (boy use sword and girl use bow)and easily switch from them. While you are controlling one the another is controlled by AI. You should make good use of them(close attack and long attack) and grapes time to give monsters a heavy attack.
I can’t tell more details here. But you can watch the gameplay trailer that I will unleash soon for more information. And I planed to publish this game next spring. I wish you will enjoy it!

ROCKGERM is an iPhone game, and it’s the first casual game developed by myself. After I joined in Apple Iphone Develop Center I decided to make a little simple game and put it onsale quikely to familiar with the whole prosess.  I decided to develop it by UNITY 3D. It’s really a very nice game engine for whom want to develop casual games. It has completed many complex works for developers and it’s very easy to use. And I must thanks to my firend Frank for introducing it to me. The grivaty system of iphone is very interesting. It can not be accurate controled but indistinct control is an good ideal for game design. It is a good idea to develop a grivaty simulation game. So I made my first game ROCKGERM. I spent about 3 weekends to complete the development and 1 week to debug and test. I wish you like it.

And now I should introduce my game.

(iphone/ipod touch/ipad)


RockGerm is an exciting action game with wonderful control system. The gravity simulation feels like true. You guide the little Germ-by rotating and rocking your device-catching heart, avoiding bombs and fire balls to survive. Try to get higher score and enjoy it!


- Easy to play, difficult to master.

- Fantastic gravity simulation, real physics.

- wonderful image.

- Intuitive user interface.

- Survive mode, endless challenge.

- Save your score. Compare with friends.


Hi,I am Virgil Chou,an indie game developer in China.
I have been working as a 2d artist for about 3 years since my graduate from my university. I am good at graghic concept and art design. Besides that, I have leraned 3d modeling, animation, programme and many others. All these abilities make me to be able to develop an whole video game by myself. Yes, I am the only one member in my little studio, and I called my studio WITONE.
Most game developers tend to develop hard core games and massively games with great image quality,but I do not because I don’t have enough resourse and time to do that. I would like to develope casual games. Now casual games are becoming more and more popular with almost all age groups all over the world. Casual games are easier to play and give happy to more people. I like it! And, I will certainly develop some massively or hard core games if I have enough time, resource, and teammates in future.
I made this site to show my games and experiences of game developing. I will be very glad if you like my site and games.