Hi,I am Virgil Chow,an indie game developer in China.
I have been working as a 2d artist for about 3 years since my graduate from my university. I am good at graghic concept and art design.Besides that,I have leraned  3d modeling,animation, programme and many others.All these abilities make me to be able to develop an whole video game by myself.Yes,I am the only one member in my little studio,and I called my studio WITONE.
Most game developers tend to develop hard core games and massively games with great image quality,but I do not because I don’t have more resourse and time to do that.I would like to develope casual games.Now casual games are becoming more and more popular with almost all age groups all over the world.Casual games are easier to play and give happy to more peopel. I like it! And, I will certainly develop some massively or hard core games if I have enough time, resource, and teammates in future.
I made this site to show my games and experiences of game developing and I will be very glad if you like my site and games.