Pocket Warriors chinese version has been released! And two versions are both free now!


Price: $2.99

This is a story about two little warriors in the fantastic world filled with monsters and dragons. Only real warriors can defeat enemies and win the final victory. Take your weapons and join in the exciting adventure in this action game POCKET WARRIORS. (Available on iphone and ipod touch).

★★★ Welcome to Warriors’ Village ★★★
When monsters run amuck everywhere, brave warriors will be called together to this village and make a powerful team to fight with bad monsters. Warriors can buy different weapons and magic items from the trader and upgrade weapons by the blacksmith. Money and materials can be got in battles. Get more money and materials to upgrade your weapons and challenge harder monsters!

Lovely Graphic And Ample Content
-2D cartoon graphic style with fluent animations.
-Many weapons with different attitudes for sale.And you can upgrade them to higher levels.
-More than 15 kinds of monsters from different places.
-More than 30 levels with different combat mode.

Many Kinds Of Weapons And Upgrade System
-There are 5 kinds of weapons: sword, lance, axe, bow and magic mace. They have different attacks and power.
-Weapons have their own attribute: Physical, fire, ice, dark and light. They can make additional damage.
-When weapons are upgrade to high levels you can launch super attacks whit them.

Magic Items System
-You can buy many kinds of magic items from the trader, and equip them.
-When you are in battle, you can easily use these magic items by touching the icons.
-The magic items are variable. Such like adding HP, magic shield, fire ball, blizzard, and thunder.
- The accunt of the equipped magics can be increased to 3.

Cooperation Battle System
-You have a team of two warriors. They can use different kinds of weapons.
-you can switch between them. While you are controlling one the another is controlled by AI. You should make good use of them(close attack and long attack) and grapes time to give monsters a heavy attack.
-If one is seriously hurt the another should cover it and distract enemies.
-You will fail if anyone is defeated.

★★★ Game Trailer ★★★

Come on, join this fantastic odyssey!!!

Notice: Available on iphone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3, iPod touch 4 and ipad. Earlier devices are not supported.

ROCKGERM is an iPhone game, and it’s the first casual game developed by myself. After I joined in Apple Iphone Develop Center I decided to make a little simple game and put it onsale quikely to familiar with the whole prosess.  I decided to develop it by UNITY 3D. It’s really a very nice game engine for whom want to develop casual games. It has completed many complex works for developers and it’s very easy to use. And I must thanks to my firend Frank for introducing it to me. The grivaty system of iphone is very interesting. It can not be accurate controled but indistinct control is an good ideal for game design. It is a good idea to develop a grivaty simulation game. So I made my first game ROCKGERM. I spent about 3 weekends to complete the development and 1 week to debug and test. I wish you like it.

And now I should introduce my game.

(iphone/ipod touch/ipad)


RockGerm is an exciting action game with wonderful control system. The gravity simulation feels like true. You guide the little Germ-by rotating and rocking your device-catching heart, avoiding bombs and fire balls to survive. Try to get higher score and enjoy it!


- Easy to play, difficult to master.

- Fantastic gravity simulation, real physics.

- wonderful image.

- Intuitive user interface.

- Survive mode, endless challenge.

- Save your score. Compare with friends.