Pocket Warriors chinese version has been released! And two versions are both free now!


Price: $2.99

This is a story about two little warriors in the fantastic world filled with monsters and dragons. Only real warriors can defeat enemies and win the final victory. Take your weapons and join in the exciting adventure in this action game POCKET WARRIORS. (Available on iphone and ipod touch).

★★★ Welcome to Warriors’ Village ★★★
When monsters run amuck everywhere, brave warriors will be called together to this village and make a powerful team to fight with bad monsters. Warriors can buy different weapons and magic items from the trader and upgrade weapons by the blacksmith. Money and materials can be got in battles. Get more money and materials to upgrade your weapons and challenge harder monsters!

Lovely Graphic And Ample Content
-2D cartoon graphic style with fluent animations.
-Many weapons with different attitudes for sale.And you can upgrade them to higher levels.
-More than 15 kinds of monsters from different places.
-More than 30 levels with different combat mode.

Many Kinds Of Weapons And Upgrade System
-There are 5 kinds of weapons: sword, lance, axe, bow and magic mace. They have different attacks and power.
-Weapons have their own attribute: Physical, fire, ice, dark and light. They can make additional damage.
-When weapons are upgrade to high levels you can launch super attacks whit them.

Magic Items System
-You can buy many kinds of magic items from the trader, and equip them.
-When you are in battle, you can easily use these magic items by touching the icons.
-The magic items are variable. Such like adding HP, magic shield, fire ball, blizzard, and thunder.
- The accunt of the equipped magics can be increased to 3.

Cooperation Battle System
-You have a team of two warriors. They can use different kinds of weapons.
-you can switch between them. While you are controlling one the another is controlled by AI. You should make good use of them(close attack and long attack) and grapes time to give monsters a heavy attack.
-If one is seriously hurt the another should cover it and distract enemies.
-You will fail if anyone is defeated.

★★★ Game Trailer ★★★

Come on, join this fantastic odyssey!!!

Notice: Available on iphone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3, iPod touch 4 and ipad. Earlier devices are not supported.

I’m very proud to show you new features of Pocket Hunters. After 3 months hard work, I have finished some new systems and improved many old things. And I shall thank all testers. They give me many good suggestions, and help me find bugs.

The first feature is magic system. You can buy many kinds of magic items from the panda trader, and equip them. You can see it at the left of the screen. When you are in battle, you can easily use these magic items by touching the icons. When you are using one magic item there will be a cool down time, and all magic icon will be dark for a while. When the icons retune light you will be able to use them. The magic items are variable. Such like adding HP, magic shield, fire ball, blizzard, and thunder. The powerful items are bit too expansive, you can use it on the strongest boss. The accunt of the equipped magics can be increase to 3.

The second is weapon system. I have added 3 new kind of weapons: lance and axe for boy, magic mace for girl. Each kind of weapons have different ability and control.

You can use Lance to launch quick combo attacks by quickly touching the attack button again and again.

Axe is heavy. Your walk speed will be slow done when you are using it. But you can save power when you are moving and start a powerful hack.

Magic mace flows in the air and follows the girl. You can save power when you’re moving and launch magic attacks. When the mace are upgraded to level 3 you will be able to use huge magic attacks.

The third is defend. Touch the defend button you will be able to defend enemies attacks. You will still lose a little HP. But notice that you can not defend some big attacks of the boss.

And there are many detail improvements.

In the village every NPC will tell you some useful imfomations and instructions by the talking panel.

Some game options are added like screen rotation and video switch.

In The battle, when players or enemies start heanvy attacks the camera will shake. It gives more powerful beat feeling.

The enemies’s AI are improved. Enemies will not look like just do everything on their own. They will focus on the controlled player and the attacks will depend on your position. When you are close to them they will give you close punch. If you are standing in front of them they may suddenly rush to you.

I have added magic system in Pocket Warriors. You can buy many different magics in the shop, and equip them. You can see your equipped magics on upper left of the UI. When you are in battle you can touch those icons to use magics.

Welcome to try my game and share your feedback with me?
Please send me a mail to [email protected] with this information:

1. Real Name
2. Country
3. E-Mail Address
5. Device Type (ie. iPhone4, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, etc)
6. Beta Testing Experience
7. Favorite iPhone Games

Beta Testing will begin  May. 12th, 2011

This game is all developed by myself. The game is finish and I need you to be sure that all is right.

Wish you like it!

Hi,I am Virgil Chou,an indie game developer in China.
I have been working as a 2d artist for about 3 years since my graduate from my university. I am good at graghic concept and art design. Besides that, I have leraned 3d modeling, animation, programme and many others. All these abilities make me to be able to develop an whole video game by myself. Yes, I am the only one member in my little studio, and I called my studio WITONE.
Most game developers tend to develop hard core games and massively games with great image quality,but I do not because I don’t have enough resourse and time to do that. I would like to develope casual games. Now casual games are becoming more and more popular with almost all age groups all over the world. Casual games are easier to play and give happy to more people. I like it! And, I will certainly develop some massively or hard core games if I have enough time, resource, and teammates in future.
I made this site to show my games and experiences of game developing. I will be very glad if you like my site and games.